Online Cooking Classes by Yasha

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We are taking this class inside your home.  Yasha is creating a number of quick classes for you right here on the internet.  Most classes will be two hours or less time and will feature some of our clients' favorite dishes made easy so you can make them at home. 

Hey - we are stuck indoors anyway, why not make something fun during a live online class with Yasha. 

Please book early!  Any classes with no students within 48 hours of the start-date will be prone to closure. 

For questions or more information - please email Yasha at Le Jardin and let's get cookin'!

April 9 - Basic Sauces

Basic Sauces: Cream Based                   2 hours

Welcome to leaning a few basic sauces you can add to your dishes.  They can be made to enjoy with pasta, over meats and seafood or even just to something to zing up your vegetables. Yasha will cover such cream sauces as:

  • Alfredo

  • Pesto

  • Pesto-Cream


April 11

Basic Sauces 2: Tomato Based

In this 2 hour class we will learn the other basic sauce that can help us create a wild variety in our meals.  Here we get the next most important sauce group.  We get a series useful sauces and how to make a great Minetrone Soup.  Lean about:

  • Primavera

  • Bolognese

  • Rose

  • Minestone Soup

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April 14 - Salmon Wellington

Welcome to this exciting class where Yasha teaches us to make one of her twists on a classic - Salmon Wellington.  Take 2 hours and learn about Wellingtons and how to make one.  Here Yasha will take us right through the whole dish.

  • Salmon Wellington

  • Asparagus Tips

  • Hollandaise Sauce

Check Back for More Classes

Coming Soon:

-Stuffed Pork Loin

-Gnocchi Madness

-Salads and More