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It's a naive domestic Burgundy without any breeding, but I think you'll be amused by its presumption.

~ James Thurber

We take special care with the wines that find themselves upon our list.  There are a few criteria that all our wines must meet.

1) WE must like drinking them!

2) They MUST work with the foods as a good wine and food companion.

We offer Wine Pairings with our multi-course menus which means that our wines often change as the menu changes - however, it also means that we have many interesting wines available by the glass.  

WE love to wander out for a great late-night glass of wine with a delightful snack or creative appetizer.  We also find that most restaurants either have uninteresting wines on their lists or close too early.  We are delighted to offer a late-night venue with an exciting list of fun wines available by the glass.

While Many of our wines change with the menus, there are a few culprits that regularly stalk (stock) our wine lists - because they work with a wide-range of food dishes well and because our clients love them passionately.

*** Watch this page as I update the wine list here:

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